Conflict Happens. Try Mediation!

Mediation is a life skill for the 21st century.
Conflict is a natural part of any growing and dynamic relationship. "Conflict Happens" between parents and children, spouses, friends, church members, civic group members, members of work groups, and any group where two or more are gathered. Conflict can produce creativity and nurture growing relationships. How one perceives and deals with conflict determines the outcome. Often individuals who want to have growing and dynamic relationships are caught in a conflict style that produces negative results.

Services Offered

Basic Mediation Training & Mediation Training Schedule
Conflict Happens Seminars
Family Court Mediation Training
For Kids' Sake Seminar
Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services
Services provided by Dr. Nancy K. Ferrell through Professional Services & Education and Pastoral Counseling and Education Center at 4525 Lemmon Ave, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75219. Phone: (214)526-4524 Fax: (214)520-6468. Email:
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