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Stop the Roxby Uranium Mine Expansion! Public meeting - campaign launch.
Tuesday, November 2, 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Conservation Centre, 120 Wakefield St, Adelaide. Speakers include David Noonan (ACF) and Tim Doyle (Adelaide University). Organised by Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping Ph Jim 0417 318368, jim.green@foe.org.au
All welcome.

Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping warmly invites anyone and everyone opposed to the planned national nuclear waste dump to come along to our weekly meetings to help plan and organise upcoming events. Every Wednesday, 5pm, Conservation Council, 120 Wakefield St., Adelaide. Contact Jim 8227 1399, jimgreen3@ozemail.com.au

Write to the Prime Minister John Howard expressing your opposition to the nuclear dump. Address: Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, 2600. Best to write and post, but you can also email: www.pm.gov.au/email.cfm

This site is part of the opposition to the proposed nuclear waste dump near Woomera, South Australia. Have a look at the approximate location of site 40a here.


The Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping (CAND) was fighting the Australian government's plan for a national radioactive waste dump, and we won! Next on the list is the planned expansion for the Roxby Downs uranium mine. Have a look at the new site here.

This site has now been frozen and will no longer be updated.

You can see a statement of our reasons for opposing the dump here.

Have a look at the latest news on the campaign here.

In 1998 the federal Liberal/National government announced its intention to build a national nuclear waste dump near Woomera in South Australia. Since then, an Environmental Impact Statement has been completed ... no great accomplishment since the EIS was written, reviewed and rubber-stamped by the government.

A licensing process by the non-independent regulator, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), is underway but is likely to remain incomplete by the time of the 2004 federal election.

But there's still a good chance the dump plan can be beaten. The government has compulsorily acquired the dump site, but that has resulted in ongoing legal challenges (including a challenge from the South Australian government). And the opposition to the dump continues to grow:

  • Indigenous groups such as the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta (senior Aboriginal women from northern SA), and the Kokatha, are fighting the dump plan.
  • 68-95% of South Australians oppose the dump according to numerous polls over the past five years.
  • The SA Parliament has legislated to ban the dump.
  • The union movement is overwhelmingly opposed. The state and national peak union bodies, the SA United Trades and Labor Council, and the Australian Council of Trade Unions, oppose the dump.
  • Between the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor plant in Sydney and the Woomera dump site in SA, 16 out of 18 local councils oppose the dump and the plan to truck radioactive waste through their communities. An all-party Committee of the NSW Parliament unanimously recommended that the dump proposal be abandoned in its March 2004 report.
  • A number of emergency service organisations are opposed to the dump, such as the SA Firefighters' Union.

We are based in Adelaide, and welcome anyone opposed to the dump to join our group and to come along to campaign planning meetings.

Quiz night/ Fundraiser for Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping
Friday, November 26, 7pm to 9.30pm. Coglin St Community Centre (off Gouger St), Adelaide. $8 / $5 concession Amazing prizes. Amazing everything! Ph Jim 0417 318368, email jim.green@foe.org.au Tickets available at door but bookings much appreciated.

A newsletter for the Antinuclear Movement. To subscribe, send an email with 'Subscribe' as the subject to dreamwoken@ace.net.au. (one or two electronic newsletters/month).

Subscribe to the email list of the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta by sending an email to kungkatjuta@iratiwanti.org