Follow the Shoe - - Wintertime's fanfiction
Alchemy - (GSR)

Miles to Go - (Greg, GSR)

Driftwood - (Greg)

The Courtship of Catherine Willows (Greg/Cath, minor GSR)

Daughter of Eve - (Greg/Cath)

Paper Cranes - (GSR)

Pocket Savior - (Greg/Cath)

Scarf - (GSR)

Teacher's Pet - (GSR, parody)

Zen Garden (Greg)

Four A.M. (Nick, Grissom)

Blood in the Water (Greg, team)

Picking Up the Pieces (Greg)

Circuit (Nick, Grissom)

Sharp and Sweet (Nick/Cath)

Introduction to Management (gen, GSR)

Palmistry (Nick/Cath, dark)

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