Welcome to My Little World!
Hi!  My name is Stephanie.  No, it's Sarah.  Well, actually, it's both.  You see, I have a multiple personality disorder.  I should probably start by telling you a little bit about myself-or should I say-myselves.

I am quite an interesting person.  I have two major personalities.

The first is Stephanie.  She is the epitome of perfection.  She heads the Society of Perfection, in fact.  She rules the entire universe.

My other is Sarah.  She is exactly the opposite of Stephanie.  She is a complete freak.  She's ugly and stupid.  She heads the Society of Freakdom.

Somehow, these two entities unify in me.  The idea that there can be both perfection and freakdom living in me at the same time may seem very strange, and it is.  However, their similar interests draw them together.  They have much in common: first and foremost, they are both very strange.
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