Map of annexed South Karelia and Lake Laatokka (Ladoga) where Antti Joronen served during the Continuation War (1941 -1944) WW2 between Finland and Russia (and its Allies). The location of Rahmasaari battle in which Antti participated, is marked with a square, just north of Käkisalmi. Parts of Northern Karelia were also annexed. The underlined place-names are the ancestral homes of the writer, which the Russians refer to as liberated lands. Liberated is just a polite word for theft. World opinion is that Karelia should never have been handed over to the Soviet Union and it should be given back. Those Finns who want Russia to keep Karelia, fear what Russia Russia might do if Finland demanded to have Karelia back. There has been terrible deterioration of everything that the Karelians cherished and defended for hundreds of years. The Russian government will have trouble telling their own people to be honest if they themselves refuse to give back what they took.

Karjalan kartassa näkyy paikkakunnat joissa Jorosten suku sijaitsi ennen Karjalan luovutusta. Laatokalla näkyy ruutu jossa Rahmansaaren taistelu tapahtui. Lisää tietoja taistelusta löytyy Antti Jorosen 1941 Jatkosota saitista.

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