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Welcome to OldBoy[s]

OldBoy[s] is an Urban Exploration website for the Leeds area. For those of you unaware of Urban Exploration, the brief description is that it's the act of entering derelict buildings. However, it often expands into Underground Exploration which involves tunnels, drains and bunkers. It also covers climbs such as chimney stacks, towers, masts and cranes. Infiltration is another area of Urban Exploration although this covers exploration of 'live' sites which I and my group tend to stray away from.

This site contains a collection of photographs from Urban Explorations around the Leeds area. Some of these places you may recognise but others you most certainly will not, that is why we do this, to preserve the memories of the places which we forget about.





Urban exploration is extremely dangerous and poses many health risks. I do not condone or promote the act of urban exploration, merely the product of it as displayed in this website. Urban exploration may be termed illegal under UK law.