The climbing area of Pili was the first place that routes were established from the beginning of 1994.
Before this, the only routes in Trikala were those of Meteora which, regardless of the height and variety of them, unfortunately it's not singularly demanding of technical skills to climb those crags.
Because of this need, I began to search other rocks in Trikala's area, with the intention to open routes on limestone relief, something that until then did not exist.
My first stop in this quest was Pili
It is 18 Km West of Trikala. It includes 5 basics cliffs with a perspective to expand on 10 or more, allowing for a possible in excess of 350 routes.
All cliffs are only a very sort distance from the village of Pili (5' - 20' on foot).
So you can use it as a base for your visits to the crags of Pili or for others climbing areas like
Kokkinos Vrahos in Elati (18 Km West from Pili) andMouzaki (10 Km South from Pili).
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There isn't any organized camping in the area and till this moment it's free. With very little attention and from your side we can keep it this way.
Finally, about your food, Pili will not disappoint you. This little place can offer almost anything you need, from your morning coffee to dinner with fresh fish.
Generally this place is still a virgin in regard to it's routes capacity. Except sectors A and D which are almost complete, the rest of  the area offers unlimited opportunities
In the following map you can see very clearly the whole area of Pili.