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21-Jun-03--Finally started to get around to doing things.  Looking for residence, trying to

19-Jun-03--Is it just me or are people worried about the smallest things?  First thing this morning, we go into the site, and find out that a gas service was punctured.  My supervisor calls the emergency dispatch for the gas company.  The operator listens to the situation, and her first question was, get this, "Does anyone in the area have SARS?"  I mean like seriously, come on.  We're sitting on leaking gas and all she was worried about was SARS?  Not smoking, not inhalation, not anything, but SARS?  Talk about misplacing priorities....I have a night shift coming up this Sunday.  Yay....Harry Potter's coming out.  Are you ready for some MAGIC??....As a passive activist, I've decided to join the growing coalition to ban di-hydrogen monoxide.  I'll probably start something next week.  Stay tuned....CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2003!  Hope you have fun with double cohort!

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