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The first two catalogues of the Bodleian Library (1620, 1635) seem to contain no reference to the Socinian works which, within a decade, were to be cited by polemical divines (etc). By the time, however, of Thomas Hyde's catalogue (1674), not less than sixty Socinian writings were in the Library. These included 23 by Faustus Socinus, 11 by Valentine Smalcius, 8 by John Crell, 6 by Jonas Schlichting, and one each by Johann Völkel and Joachim Stegmann (viz. Brevis disquisitio). It seems likely that the Bodleian owed this accession of Socinian literature very largely to the efforts of Thomas Barlow (1607-91), librarian from 1652 to 1660, and later Bishop of Lincoln.   (Etc.)

Oxford 1951, p. 121.


Selected bibliographic ( University of California )

Author Bodleian Library. Title Catalogus impressorum librorum bibliothecæ Bodlejanæ in academia Oxoniensi. Curâ & operâ Thomæ Hyde.
Publisher Oxonii, e theatro Sheldoniano, 1674.
Description 6 p. l., 480, 272 [i.e. 274] p., 1 l. 39 cm. Language Latin

Author Reelant, Adriaan, 1676-1718. Title Four treatises concerning the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Mahometans: viz. I. An abridgement of the Mahometan religion: translated out of Arabick into Latin by H. Reland, and from thence into English. II. A defence of the Mahometans from several charges falsly laid against them by Christians: written in Latin by H. Reland, and translated into English. III. A treatise of (sometime first interpreter to Mahomet IV.) concerning the liturgy of the Turks, their pilgrimage to Mecca, their circumcision, visitation of the sick, &c. Translated from the Latin. IV. Reflections on Mahometanism and Socianism, translated from the French. To which is prefix'd, The life and actions of Mahomet, extracted chiefly from Mahometan authors.
Publisher London, Printed by J. Darby for B. Lintott and E. Sanger, 1712.
Description 85, [11], iii, 4-254 p. 20 cm. Note With special title-pages for parts I-II, III, and IV. The first two parts were originally published (Utrecht, 1705) under title: De religione mohammedica libri duo. The material, including translations of many passages, was drawn from original sources, chiefly from Abū Shujāʻ. cf. Quérard. La France litt., 1835, t. 7, p. 512.
The third part, first published in Latin (Oxoniae, 1690) under title: Tractus Alberti Bovovii ... de Turcorum liturgia, includes notes by Thomas Hyde. The fourth part, by Mathurin Veyssière de Lacroze, was first published in his Dissertations historiques sur divers sujets (Rotterdam, 1707) cf. Quérard. La France litt., 1800, t. 4, p. 381. The present translation includes "a letter from Mr. Leibnitz to the author" (p. 245-254) Language English

Author Ali Ufki 1610-1675. Title Tractatus Alberti Bobovii Turcarum Imp. Mohammedis IVti olim interpretis primarii De Turcarum liturgia [microform] : peregrinatione Meccana, circumcisione, aegrotorum visitatione &c. / nonnullas annotatiunculas, pro ut occasio se obtulit passim adjec Thomas Hyde ; subjungitur castigatio in Angelum à Sancto Joseph.
Publisher Oxonii : E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1690.   [1982]
Description [2], 31 p. Series Early English books, 1641-1700 ;1283:22. Note Text and notes in Latin, with many passages in Arabic. Reproduction of original in the Huntington Library. Language Latin


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