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You see what revolutions take place in opinions as they do in Empires. The Arian faction, after three hundred years of triumph and twelve centuries of oblivion, is at last being reborn from its ashes, but it chooses a bad time to reappear in a period when everybody is sick and tired of sectarian disputes. This sect is still too small to have freedom of public assembly, but it will no doubt obtain it if it gets more numerous. However, just now people are so indifferent to all this that there is not much chance of success for a new religion or a revived one. Is it not amusing that Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, writers nobody can read, have founded sects that divide up Europe, that the ignorant Mahomet has given a religion to Asia and Africa, but that Newton, Clarke, Locke, Leclerc, the greatest thinkers and finest writers of their age, have hardly managed to establish a little flock, and even that dwindles day by day ?

LETTERS ON ENGLAND, 1733 (Letter 7).
Penguin 1980, p. 43.


From A HISTORY OF UNITARIANISM, Socinianism etc., 1945 by Earl Morse Wilbur

The Remonstrants . . .   In one or two prominent doctrines they may have accepted the Socinian view, but the whole body of Socinianism did not attract them. Nevertheless in the series of professors in the Remonstrant Seminary at Amsterdam,—Episcopius, Courcelles, van Limborch, van Cattenburgh, Le Clerc, Wetstein—we see, with the exception of the reactionary van Cattenburgh, an ever increasing sympathy with the teaching and the spirit of Socinianism. Though they still counted themselves Trinitarians, . . they accepted wholeheartedly the Socinian principles of scientific method, grammatical and historical exegesis of the Scriptures without dogmatic presuppositions, moral freedom, full tolerance, and admission of the claims of reason in religion.

Cambridge, Massachusetts :
Harvard University Press 1945, pp. 584-5.


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