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From A HISTORY OF UNITARIANISM, Socinianism etc., 1945 by Earl Morse Wilbur

Another witness of changing thought among the Socinians in Holland was Jeremias Felbinger, born in Silesia as a Lutheran, who after teachings for years in Germany adopted the Socinian faith, became an ardent opponent of Trinitarian views, and suffered much for his boldness in attacking them. He at length came to Amsterdam, where he published several religious works, and translated into German a Socinianizing version of the new Testament by Courcelles, professor at the Remonstrant seminary. "  (p. 573)

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The Remonstrants . . .   In one or two prominent doctrines they may have accepted the Socinian view, but the whole body of Socinianism did not attract them. Nevertheless in the series of professors in the Remonstrant Seminary at Amsterdam,—Episcopius, Courcelles, van Limborch, van Cattenburgh, Le Clerc, Wetstein—we see, with the exception of the reactionary van Cattenburgh, an ever increasing sympathy with the teaching and the spirit of Socinianism. Though they still counted themselves Trinitarians, . . they accepted wholeheartedly the Socinian principles of scientific method, grammatical and historical exegesis of the Scriptures without dogmatic presuppositions, moral freedom, full tolerance, and admission of the claims of reason in religion.   (pp. 584-5)

Cambridge, Massachusetts :
Harvard University Press 1945.



The idea of publishing a collection of leading Socinian authors is said to have been first mooted in 1628. The Bibliotheca [Fratrum Polonorum] does not, however, contain the writings of Smalcius, Völkel, Ostorodt, and Moskorzowski, and only a selection of the works of others. The date is given on the title-page as 'post annum 1656' (a purposely vague addition). The printer was probably Jacob Aertz Colom (see W. J. Kühler, Het Socinianisme in Nederland (1912, p. 140) and Étienne Courcelles, professor in the Remonstrant college at Amsterdam, assisted in the task of preparing the work for the press.

Oxford 1951, Note, p. 138.


Selected bibliographic

Author Descartes, René, 1596-1650. Title Renati Des Cartes Specimina philosophiae: sev, Dissertatio de methodo recte regendae rationis, & veritatis in scientiis investigandae: dioptrice, et meteora. Ex gallico translata, & ab auctore perlecta, variisque in locis emendata.
Publisher Amstelodami, Apud Johannem Janssonium juniorem, 1656.
Description [16], 290 [i.e. 288] p. illus., diagrs. 22 cm. Note Translated by Étienne de Courcelles. Printer's device on title-page. Language Latin

Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. Title J. A. Comenii Ianva lingvarvm reserata, cum Graeca versione Theodori Simonii Holsati, innumeris in locis emendata aÌ Stephano Curcellaeo: qui etiam Gallicam novam adjunxit. Publisher Amstelodami : Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1649. Description [24], 266, 238 p. 16 cm. Note Latin, Greek and French in parallel columns; preface in Latin and French. Pages 39-54 (2d group) incorrectly bound in following p. 230 (2d group) Language Latin


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