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The library of Lazarus Seaman (d. 1675), Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge (1644-60), a learned Presbyterian, . . contained over five thousand volumes and was the first to be sold by auction in England. It was remarkable for its collection of Socinian and anti-Socinian books. Of the former, Seaman possessed sixteen works by F. Socinus, two by Thomas Pisecius, and one each by Jerome and Peter Moscorovius, J. Völkel and S. Przipcovius, most of them from the Rakow press. There was also a copy of the Racovian Catechism of 1609 and two later catechisms of 1642 and 1651 (Confessio fidei christianae ecclesiarum poloniarum). Seaman also possessed the 1631 (Oxford) edition of Acontius's Strategemata Satanae, Wotton's De reconciliatione peccatoris (1624), Lushington's Commentary upon the Epistle to the Hebrews (1646), Bidle's Twelve Arguments touching the Deity of the Holy Spirit (1647), and his Twofold Catechism (1654).   (Etc.)

Another private library containing a large an representative selection of Socinian books was that of Sir Edward Bysshe (1615?-79), Garter King of Arms during the Commonwealth, and, according to Wood, 'a great encourager of learning and of learned men'.2 Bysshe's collection is notable both for the number of volumes from the Rakow press . . . and for several rare works including the extremely rare Nodi gordii a M. Smiglecio nexi dissolutio facta per Johannem Volkelium (Rakow, 1613), and a copy of Bernardino Ochino's Dialogi triginta de missa et trinitate, (etc). In addition Bysshe possessed a first [Latin] edition of the Racovian Catechism and a copy of both the Dissertatio de pace et concordia ecclesiae ([by Przipcovius] 1930) and the Brevis disquisitio ([by Joachim Stegmann] 1633). Of the leading Socinian authors there wee thirty-five works by Socinus, twelve by Smalcius, eight by J. Crell, five by J. Schlichting, three by J. Völkel, two each by J. Moscorovius and Thos. Pisecius, and single works by S. Przipcovius (Vita F. Socini—1636), Chr. Ostorodt, A. Woidowski, and Geo. Enyed : a very comprehensive collection indeed.

      2 A. Wood, Athen. Oxon. ii. 648.   (Etc.)

Oxford 1951, pages 132-133.


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