The existing Pregnancy care services at the Central Referral Hospital by the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology involves routine antenatal check up where the Obstetricians are monitoring changes in pregnancy and giving them medical advices accordingly. They also perform labor (delivery) services and post natal follow up.

The Department of Physiotherapy has proposed to update the existing Pregnancy Care Services with the support of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology by inviting all the health care professionals in providing quality health care services for the pregnant mothers.

In the proposed form of Pregnancy Care Services, Obstetricians, Physiotherapists, Pediatricians, Nurses & Dietician are involved and all the health care professionals will be delivering services from their professions perspective. With this upgrading it is expected that the Central Referral Hospital will be the premiere health care provider for the pregnant mothers as there is no such health program in the Sikkim state.


Holistic approach that aims at health & fitness of pregnant mothers through curative, preventive & promotive aspects of health care and to inculcate the skills of coping of changes in pregnancy in overcoming their ailments & to have a state of preparedness for safe labor.


To develop Central Referral Hospital as a premiere health care provider to the pregnant mothers in the community.


To educate mother / couples about the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery period.
* To explain the importance of antenatal care for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.
* To prepare the mother / couple to cope with the process of delivery to achieve a dignified and satisfying birth.
* To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.
* To improve the confidence of the mother / couples in their ability to cope will all the changes during the child bearing year and to encourage a sense of responsibility for the self and the familythroughout the life.

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PCS TEAM comprises of many professionals who aim at health of the pregnant mother and the baby she will deliver shortly.

Obstetrician: Medical specialist in pregnancy and childbirth who monitors the changes in pregnancy and gives medical advice accordingly.

Physiotherapist: Health care professional who treats ailments using physical activity and physical means.

Pediatrician: Medical specialist in child health advices on nutrition, hygiene and immunization of the child.

Dietician: Prescribes diet plan for the pregnant mother.

Nurses: Counsels mother regarding perineal hygiene and breast feeding.