Dan and Penny Germain
This web page has links to our 2003-2004 7 month, 17,000 mile trip we made in our new Safari Trek motorhome, and to trips we have made around Arizona and New Mexico, Mexico, Texas, the Northwest, the Northeast and the Maritime Provinces.

These days we live in Tombstone Arizona, "The Town Too Tough To Die". There are festivals here almost every month, lot's of interesting characters, people walking around in 1880's clothes, and a couple of good saloons.
Photo Page Links:
2003 - 2004 Trip around the U.S.
Summer and Fall 2004 in Arizona
Spring 2005 Arizona Wild Flower Trip
April 2005 trip and May flowers
Dan and Penny Germain
Tombstone Links
Fall 2005 trip to New Mexico and Balloon Fiesta
Spring 2006 trip to Texas
Spring 2006 trip to San Carlos Mexico
Our New Courtyard Project
2008 trips to San Carlos & Alamos Mexico
2007 Trip to Northeast and Maritime Provinces