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My name is Linda but many of you know me as "Pizza Dudette".
I used to own and operate Pizza Restaurant (and I was very proud of that place!)so that name seemed to fit at the time,
Well think about it..everyone's heard of the "Pizza Dude" (right?)you know the guy who delivers pizza's?
Well I was a "Dudette" because I'm FEMALE! right? Oh hush, it made sense at the time! :)
I guess this is when I'm suppose to tell ya a little about myself. Well my kids and I used to live on
Kodiak Island, Alaska for 7 years, where I owned and operated a pizza restaurant.(I was so darn proud of that place!) People always told me "you'll either love it or hate it here". Well we loved it and would really like to go back there one of these days!

After my divorce, I had to sell my restaurant and we moved back to Michigan to be closer to family. Currently we live in a small town in Michigan called Clawson . I enjoy the outdoors when I get a chance to get out. I'm a rather quiet person, kind of a loner so to speak *shrug*. Lets see...I'm 5'7", light brown hair and wear glasses. I have very strong opinions about internet romances, the people who know me best, know why. If you're having one, though, I wish you the best of luck.

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I have no idea what I'm going to do now cuz it said when I logged in to this file mananger that all the file are going to be deleted after october 26 YIKES! I Put a lot of wotk on all of my web pages!

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