113 School Play
Gary Halvorson

TITLE: Stage Mother
WRITTEN: Buddy Sheffield
LEAD: David Sidoni
BACKUP: Alfred Carr, John Crane, Mark David, Shawn Daywalt, Ivan Dudynsky, Micki Duran, Seymour Green, Crystal Lewis, Dominic Lucero, Julene Renee

JULENE:  I've got something you don't..........a stage mother!
I'll go straight for your heart if you don't give me the part, I want. 
For my daughter!  Stage mother!
And I'll go right for your throat, if I don't get the vote, I want.
For my daughter!  Stage mother!
I'm over the hill, I've got no talent you see.  So I've got to live vicariously.
And I will screw up your life, if you should cause any strife for me.
And my daughter!  Stage mother!
Listen up cause I'm a telling you brother, don't you cross her up.
'Cause she's a bad, bad mother.  (repeated.)
I will run you down, if you don't give me the crown, I want.
Stage mother!
You'll be feeling my claws, if I don't hear the applause, I want.
Stage Mother!
Never got no respect for the things that I did.
So I've got to make the world suck up to my kid.
You can bet your behind she's gonna have the most lines...?
because she's got a.......
you know she's got a.... Stage mother!

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