Special Forces, Airborne Rangers
British S.A.S.

Hello there I am Ranger1 and welcome to my page. Hear you are going to find information on the Special Forces, Airborne Rangers, British S.A.S., and Delta Force

This page is dedicated to all the fallen comrades, your spilled sweat and blood made this country free. Your spirits were the ones that made me get through the tough times, and the ones ahead. Thank you. This is for you.


The information in this page is found in FMs and TMs(Field Manuals, and Technical Manuals) of the Special Forces and Airborne Rangers.

Military Humor.

The Definition of Hooah
Murphys Laws of Combat
Gods Creation Military UPS

Special Forces

Why Special Forces Special Forces Soldier
SFQC Special Forces Patch
Special Forces Creed Special Forces Prayer
The Alpha Team Special Forces History
Special Forces Assessment Ballad Of The Green Beret

Airborne Ranger

Ranger Creed Ranger History

British S.A.S.

Bravo Two Zero Immediate Action

Delta Force

Delta Force

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