Junkers Ju 86P

          In February 1940 Junkers flew the prototype Ju 86P, a new version of the already-retired Junkers Ju 86 bomber with a pressure cabin for a crew of two in an entirely new nose section and special 950hp Jumo 207A Diesel engines fitted with twin superchargers. A later prototype had wings of 25.6m span, compared with the normal 22.55m, and could fly at heights up to 11,997m. After proving that the Ju 86P could operate over Britain without fear of interception at such an altitude, 40 of the former bombers were converted into Ju 86P-1 bombers and Ju 86P-2 photo reconnaissance aircraft. For two years these aircraft dropped 1,000kg bombs and took photos with impunity over Britain, the Soviet Union and North Africa. Then, on 24 August 1942, a specially modified Spitfire climbed to 12,800m and destroyed a Ju 86P. Soon, two others were destroyed in the same way, and the 86P's were withdrawn from service in May 1943. Attempts to maintain viability by the use of more powerful engines and wings of even greater span on the Ju 86R-1 and R-2 achieved little success.

Technical data and/or diagram of Junkers Ju 86P.
A Ju 86P with two Jumo 207 engines.

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