PEACEKEEPER'S PAGE. A tribute to the lives of Canadian Peacekeepers.

Canada's tribute to her Peacekeepers. This monument is located downtown Ottawa, our nation's capital.

G'Day troops and welcome to the world of Peacekeeping and the Canadian Military. There are two of us behind this page creation. My name is Ron,and my wonderful wife Evelyn. I have 11 years regular service behind me and still going strong. Prior to that I served 2.5 years with the Canadian Militia and 5 1/2 years with 2642 RC(AIRBORNE)CC. Eve has signed up for one of the hardest jobs in the military. Definitely the back bone of any military, the Military Wife. We were married August 14, 1998 upon my return from Bosnia. On these pages, we intend to take you on a humble journey honouring the life of Peacekeepers and their families, as well as link you to various military related locations throughout the web. Put your helmets on and enjoy your tour !!

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