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United States Benson-Livermore Class Destroyers

USS Buchanan DD484, leading the class with 16 battle stars in WW2

Benson-Livermore's in Action

These 96 ships earned over 495 battle stars in WW2

The Benson-Livemore class destroyers were fully engaged in a sea war with Germany by mid 1941. With the attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941, the increasing and devastating u-boat on slaught on merchant shipping, and the fleet reduction of the 1930's, the Benson-Livermore's took up all aspects of naval warfare to support a nation unprepared for war.

This class of ship was a driving force in winning the Battle of the Atlantic. Fast, seaworthy, and versatile, these ships participated as escorts for both supply and troop convoys, escort for naval task forces and fire support missions. They fought U-boats, E-boats, human torpedo mini submarines, explosive laden motor boats, railroad guns, German and Japanese aircraft, Japanese ships of the line, and even German Panzer divisions.

Most of the Benson's fought in the Atlantic but after Pearl Harbor the Gwin, Grayson, Meredith, and Monssen were transferred to the Pacific to strengthen our weak Pacific fleet. By early 1942, the emergency destroyer program, Bristol class or "repeat Benson class", joined the fleet and supported Atlantic and Pacific operations with their older sisters. Showing great courage, these 96 ships fought well in those dim days of 1942 when the battles in the Pacific and the Uboat war in the Atlantic were still in doubt. The Benson-Livermore's were supposed to hold out until the new Fletcher and Sumner class destroyers could join the fleet. Hold they did ....and then some.

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Destroyer's Against Germany and Fascist Italy


Atlantic Operations

Convoy/Escort Duty

Fire Support/Shore Bombardment   

Action Against::


E-boats and MAS boats

Mini-subs and explosive laden motor boats

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Scoreboard on the Starboard Bridge wing of the USS Ludlow.

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