Duck Diapers

Bird droppings are pretty messy and to allow your duck to walk around your house a diaper is most likely a must for you. Here are some options on how to make your own out of a plastic baggie or make a fabric one with a leash! One person even uses a human baby diaper! The best way to have success with a diaper is to start as young as possible.

Plastic Baggie Diapers

Rock's Plastic Baggie Diaper

This disposible diaper is made from a plastic baggie. In the web site there are illustrated instructions on how to put the plastic baggie on the duck. There are two different directions depending on whether you are diapering a duckling or an adult duck.
Check out this page to see a picture of Rock the duck with her plastic baggie diaper. (Note: Scroll down past the ducks without diaper pictures.)

Ritz's Plastic Baggie Diaper

This is another disposible diaper also made from a plastic baggie. It is pretty much the same as Rock's Plastic Baggie Diaper. But reading both will give you more information when you go to make a diaper for you duckie :)

The Goose's Mother

This is a must see web site! Nancy Townsend sells the ONLY book on indoor pet ducks and geese. She also sells diapers and costumes for ducks, geese, roosters, and chickens which can also be purchased through Avian Fashions
. Avian Fashions also sells a great bird poop cleaner called Poop Off.
Deuce of Clubs Article on Nancy Townsend and Matilda - Great article which includes more pictures.

Safeway Diaper

Mary the duck, wears a size 3 Safeway human baby diaper. Visit her web site to read Mary's story.

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