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Real name:Peter Venkman
Nicknames:Peter,Pete,Petey(Venkman),Dr. Venkman,Peter Pan(later seasons),Venk-Man!,
D.O.B:unknown or probably 25th or 28th/Oct./19-no idea-*sob*(better check out Tory's site)
Age(in the show):Probably in his late 20s or early 30s(I think he's 44+ now^_^)
Height:179 cm/6'(feet)
Weight:180 lbs
Blood type:Possibly B or O(see below)
Green(I just love his eyes*blush*)
Peter's sorta mad at Egon*boff*
Current resident:The GB Firehouse/HQ & an apartment somewhere in NY(the movies)
First appearence/appeared in:1st episode in RGB & the 1st Ghostbusters movie
IQ:180(Wow! Omigosh...he's quite darn smart! As smart as Ray^^)
Hobbies:Spend time on his train models,womans,watching good tv shows like "The Bob Newart Show",womans,sleep during the day*lol*,jokes around,womans,play games with the guys if possible,flirts,-say,did I mentioned "womans"??!- etc.
Quotes:"I'm Peter Venkman...aaa..Dr. Peter Venkman,I'm a scientist" "Well I guess it takes one to know one" "What's plan B?/It's time for plan B,guys!" "I always wanted to do that!" "Spud!" "You slime ball!" etc.
Voice casters(for RGB):Lorenzo Music(the first,original & best)[1986-1987],Dave Coulier(chessy-_-)[1987-1991]
Actor(in GB movie 1 & 2):Bill Murray(was supposed to be played by John Candy but unfortunately,John Candy's not available at that time anymore-_-. But Bill did a great job in acting as Pete. He simply got that Venkman wit.)
School:The Columbia University
Degree/Master in:Psychology & Parasychology
Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic,Venkman Ghost Repellers & Cold Cash and Hot Water(also mainly about his dad),Ghost Fight At The O.K Corral,probably Mrs. Rodger's Neighborhood etc.
Favourites/Loves:Dewey LeMorge,Western cultures,trains,womans,Bob Newart Show,New York,his mother,his friends,Ray,Egon,Winston & his secretary although they sometimes gets into quarrels*lol*,vacations,fame,game shows,money(not really),his bed and pillow*lol*,his precious hair^_^,wonderful people,his college life,alternative music,singing in the shower *lol* or possibly anywhere though he can't sing that well*lol*,have a chance to blast slimer(but never and that's before,now he's accepting Slimer's love),the color green(dark),make up some jokes/makes us laugh while watching RGB^^,back fires on his enemies,getting praised,winking^_~,screaming double times*lol*,Valentine's Day^_^,dates,womans*boff* etc.
Dislikes/Hates:Bad hair day,getting slimed,dirty or wet,get conned/cheated,cockcroach,bugs,jerks,long scientific lecturing,non-American/English words:Science(other language,not sure),Slimer(but not anymore in the later season although he'll like to blast him just one time*lol*),bad things happened in New York,bringing back bad old memories,Christmas(until he dicovers that he shouldn't blame it just because he's dad can't spend time for him on every X'Mas day/as long he's with his love ones or friends,he'll like it^^),got mocked by Egon or other people,sometimes Ray's childishness like crying because Captain Steel will be cancel,getting interrupted when he's taking a shower,flirting,sleeping or doing something important,hyper geeks/nerds(but for Egon,he's not in those list^_^),
having to raise Janine's salary when she asked for it(unless she really deserves it,he'll give her straight away),a ruined date/vacation,yucky food,irritaing creatures,cannot capture a lady heart*boff* etc.
The meaning of "Peter":
According to Greek meanings,here's what I found out about the letter~
P=Mouth(that explains why he's good at talking-both jokes & psychology^^-)
E=Comb(no wonder he cared so much about his hair!)
T=Sign(I know! Maybe that's why he likes to the "The Rock" sign^_~!)
E=It's already explained above.
R=Head(he's smart alright. won't you just look at his IQ??! and he's the head of the ghostbuster,ya know^_-?)

And "Peter" name is originally from the Greek word
petra meaning "rock".
*hint hint*This info was from people who work in The Columbia University.
Everyone just wants to grab Peter :p
I just love to be on the tv screen^^
Peter for being a Scorpio: I got this infos when I did some research at some 2nd hand book stores here which is about Scorpios. Well,here what it says about a Scorpio man:
"There's just something which just makes him attracting and special especially around women. He's an honest man,and Scorpios man can always be a good father." The rest I forget,sorry! But if I remember some more of it,I'll type it here so don't worry^_~!
Thanks for visiting my site,ladies! I just hope I'll find my true love someday*sob*.
Chinese Zodiac Sign:Dog
~What about people who is borned under the sign of the dog in Chinese calender? Find out here^_-!~

The Bronx/Brooklyn
Background/personality truits/character:
  Peter's like every main character guy:handsome/hunky,probably cute. But what makes him seperated from other bishonen guys you know is that he have a unique character/personality,background and voice. He's really different. It's just too long and probably hard to explain*boff* but anyway,I'll cut it short^_^.

   He's an unusual scientist,who doesn't acts like one. He's rather dumber than the rest but that's becuase he doesn't wants anyone to know that! That way,it's hard for his opponents to know more about his mind thinking or thoughts*grin*. He's also not cocky,that's what^^.
   He's so handsome,funny and a loving ladies man,but no women seems to notice him. That way,we lady fans who watch RGB took real pity of him and would just love him to get us! His tall,well built body*hearts in eyes*,sweet smiles,cool side way brown hair and charmingness caught our eyes*_*. Best of all,we always get the chance to see him shirtless or taking his shower*oro*!
   His weird personality,heart for his friends and everyone just makes him extra cool! Oh! I just can't type anymore of his cool things. It'll definitely flood the page*boff*!!! Anyway,check out
here on how I got hooked to him^_^. If you want to know,that is.
Grab this info about him!!!
-Head of the Ghostbusters.
-Dislike doing complicated and delicate things like connecting wires,fixing electricity,equipment,etc.
-Always have the opposite commons on Ray. Well,not ALL.
-You may call him Pete or Petey. For ladies only please A.S.A.P.
-He's a scientist but he doesn't act or look like one.
-Some of the very first episodes,he likes to pretend that he's a game host.
-Enjoy busting ghosts.
-Writing up the bills.
-You can't scare him that easily. He ain't afraid of no ghost! But he is somehow scared of one thing:cockcroach,GIANT cockcroach.
-Has plenty of good plans and ideas in his mind. Believe it or not,I think his idea is better than Egon^^.
-Egon is his college friend. And best friend too.
-Has an ambitious father.(He's not that bad,he only cons his way out for money,that's all)
-If I'm not wrong,I think he's father name is "Pops".
-Loves his mother dearly,misses her a lot. It's a sad thing that Peter's mum had rest in peace. He cares about old ladies/grannies cause it reminds him of his mum.
-Doesn't like Christmas until one day he almost loose it. This is because he's dad never had time for him everytime of that year*sob*. As long as his friends or loved ones around,I think he'll begin to love it^_^.
-Brought up in Brooklyn. I mean,The Bronx^_^.
-He loves his hometown very much.
-He's a one tough kid and got into lots of fights when he's young(cause he was brought up in the tough side of NY*sigh*)..
-Used to work in carnies(carnival)when he was in college to earn some money for his studies.
-Used to hate rides like in Coney(spelling?) Island.
-He dislikes Slimer. He hates Slimer. Correction. Despites Slimer! He tried and uses all his force,shcemes and pulse to get rid of Slimer.But actually,he have a soft spot for Slimer too unfortunately if I said(I mean type!)that,he'll deny it*boff*.
-Althought he's very brave and tough,he still has a weakness. He's totally scared and hates cockroaches! Anything but that! Hmm...I wonder why?(I knew I mention this earlier*lol*)
-Enjoy cracking up some jokes.
-Sometimes he's kinda money-minded.
-He care alot for his beautiful,wavy brown hair. A lil' messy,and he'll whin!
-Crazy about any beautiful(probably sexy)womans he sees in sight*giggle*.
-Wants women to know how good,handsome and famous he is.
-Tries possibly any chance or oppurtunity to attract a woman's attention.
-Unfortunately(in the animation world) he's always winds up with useless tactics at the end(poor Pete!).
-He's a Scorpio^^. Oh,yeah! ^_~!
-Always talk or remember about his mother like "My mother reads Celebrities!","She doesn't have a car.","You mean,like my mother said that if you keep making faces,you'll stay that way?","I'll make you mama Venkman's chicken soup,okey-dokey?","Wait 'til you see mama Venkman's little boy..." etc.
-Keeps a box of jelly beans under his pillow(until Slimer ate them all*boff*).
-He also have other quotes such as 'I have a suggestion. Run!' or  sometimes he'll say 'Just trying to help.' or 'Ray? You're not helping.'
-Did you realize that when you see the first 2 RGB seasons,Peter like to scream double time? For example like from the episode,Fight at the O.K Corral:download it at "Goodies".
-Loves trains and railways.
-Studied engineering for 2 years until he finds out that it has nothing to do with trains. Bummer for him I know*sigh*.
-He likes Western culture and books. Duey LeMorge is his favourite writer.
-Good with Aces. I mean,when he's playing game cards.
-Favourite drink will be coffee.
-Likes the "Queen of Soul(s?)". Ever heard of that?(What in the name is that anyway? I'm a lil' *oro* with that,gomen-_-).
-Always thinking about relaxing and vacation when he's beep.
-Sometimes when he's busting some ghosts,he usually gets unlucky or gets slimes all over his face.
-He's a master player or championship for Ping Pong game during college.
-You can always have a chance to see him shirtless or taking his shower. Oh! He's body. If only everytime he unzips a lil' on his uniform^^.
-I think one of his hobby is singing*lol*. Don't believe me? Hear this! (More below)
-Looking at him in "Drool,The Dog Faced Goblin" episode,when he's stripping his uniform off...that was HOT! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!(I can't believe I typed that *oro*!)
-He's more into elderly women*wink wink*.
-I think he's favourite holiday is Valentine's Day^^(and probably Mother's Day too*smile*).
-He wouldn't mind sacrificing his life for his friends or for the world(Our hero...).
-He likes to sleep during the day.
-Doesn't likes the ocean(why?).
-He invented that Venkman microwave machine and that Venkman machine which attracts ghost. Egon's not the only smart guy around,you know?
-He likes to show people or ghost who's boss if they really pissed him or his friends off.
-He can do possibly anything if he's motivated. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?*lol* But not dumb things like suicide. Don't forget that he has brains too!
-Have to have a nice relationship with his secretary or else...
-Turns out to be a true friend ones you get to know him well althought he's sorta
irritating at times...

.:And that there are just some things which I cannot explain or descript about him. It's just that this is a feeling of understanding you'll get when you love someone*blush*. 'Nuff to say!:.
*hint hint*Grab the Pete pics below A.S.A.P!!!
I'm a big fan of Lorenzo Music and I hope that may he rest in peace and he's family is safe...

Lorenzo Music is a very talented voice actor who brought us our loving Pete character and voice where we once knew*sob*.
If you have some more info on Pete which is not listed here,please mail me! I'll give you credit if I use it^_~.