Our precious Kiwi was put to sleep on April 22nd, 2005.
She was 12 years old and was suffering from Cushing's disease and cancer.
Her old mum and dad are still weeping buckets.  We try to remember her when she was young and full of fun.
These pages reflect that time in her life.
Here she is with our grandson a month before she died.  She was trying to nap. The togetherness thing was his idea, but she was always a dog who tried to please. Also as the mother of 9 she knew you had to make allowances for young ones.

Kiwi and Daniel


Are you finding that your life is no bed of roses?
Are those who are closest to you treating you like a dog?
If you have a problem like this, I can help you!
I am a well read dog with a lot of savvy and some very good connections.
If I can't answer your question myself, I will find an expert who can!


ABOUT ME  This is just what the name suggests. You will want to read this to see how well qualified I am to give advice on the important issues in your life.

MY ADVICE When I was a young dog with lots of energy to burn, I ran an advice column on this site. Now demands like this would interupt my napping. It matters little. I think my previous columns covered almost all the problems known to dogs. Read the letters I received and answered. You are not alone in your problems.

MY VIEWS These are just some general interest pieces I have written and previously published at this site.

FROM UP THE TREE Some cats are nervy enough to write to me. I have put them in their place!

MY FAVOURITE RECIPES I am not a cook myself but I appreciate my father's culinary efforts a lot and I was able to persuade him to disclose his recipes for some of my personal favourites!

MY WEBRINGS AND AWARDS  One way to meet a lot of new friends.  You will also want to learn more about the discriminating dogs who have given me awards.

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February 14th, 2005,

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