My Friend
"Miss Emma"

I am Miss Emma.
I live in Geogia.
I am a true "Georgia Peach".
I love to lay on real soft pillows.
My favorite hobby is "exploring".

I am not too sure why I am on this page! Maybe Pugly will tell me someday! After all he is a dog, and we all know that
"dogs drool" and cats "rule".

When Pugly asked for my picture to appear on his page, I thought it would be a great way to get discovered. You see I hope to be the "Friskies" star someday!
That old tom cat Morris ain't got a thing on me. Well it's time for my beauty nap!
Bye for now!

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Cozmo Pee-Wee
Miss Alli
Nutty Birds

Its me Pugly!
I sure would like to chase that around the yard a while!
I'm not sure why, but it looks like fun!

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