Table of Contents

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Bailey the Bad Boy's Page - my dog Bailey's web page
Breeds Page - info about dog breeds
Stop the Abuse/Stop the Cruelty - page about stopping animal cruelty
Dog Poems - some dog poems - submit one!
Library - dog links, book references
Dog Quotes and Jokes - things we learn from dogs, signs of a
dog person... merged into one.
Rare Breeds - a look at some rare breeds
My dogs - cyber dogs - all the dogs I have adopted
Selecting a Dog - Tips and hints on selecting a dog
Spay/Neuter - Why spay/neuter is important
Memory Lane - memory page of those animals we've lost
Games and Puzzles about Dogs - links to games, puzzles and quizzes about dogs
Dog facts - common facts about dogs - submit one
Could've been prevented - A story about an sad accident. (Warning!)
What Breed? Page - Ask for some information about a certain breed
Directory of Breed Clubs (Canada) - under construction, alphabetical order
Dog Page Survey - Please answer these simple questions
Webrings - After surfing my site, find other dogs sites
Awards - 2003 and beyond
Past Awards -Archive of awards 1997 - 2002

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