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11/24/02 - The University of California Veterinary Medical Center would love your help on a Rabbit Behavior Survey concerning spaying/neutering. To participate follow this link. Thanks!
9/22/02 - We have a board! It's a nice one too! Also have a new chat room, it has a lot of ads, but at least it works ;)
9/20/02 - Message board has been down a while - looking for a new service...I'll get it up ASAP.
3/23/02 - Ring is closed to new additions, no more sites to be added. The Rabbit Ring Webpage will stay up as a message board and information resource. You can still surf through the sites using the hub below.

Welcome to the Rabbit Ring Homepage! The Rabbit Ring is a ring of rabbit-related sites connected from all around the globe. The 300+ sites range from great pet bunny sites, to rabbitrys and showing pages. One thing all the sites have in common is their love of rabbits, the friendly, adorable look, sociable, and expressive behaviors - that way they bond so sweetly to you - and of course those cute, little, constantly twitching noses! The purpose of the Rabbit Ring is to bring together these sites so they recieve more traffic from other rabbit lovers while expanding the number of rabbit sites on the net altogether. To provide a forum for so many rabbit enthusiats on the internet the Rabbit Ring is more than just a ring, it's a chat, a message board, links, your pictures, and more; all for you and Thumper!

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