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Molly at the computer
Here I am on the computer!
Hi! I'm Mollie, a golden who lives in California with four other golden retrievers.  My mommie finally realized I needed my own web page, so all of my friends and family can see my pretty face whenever they want to!

I love to swim and catch tennis balls when we have time.  Mom takes me to the dog beach to have fun and hit the waves.  Otherwise, I just jump in the spa at home to keep cool.  I also love to run in the sprinkles when Mom doesn't catch me.  Then I run in all wet on her clean floor (hehe)!  My Daddy and Auntie Jackie think I'm a spoiled brat because I love to run after my brother and sister and chase them around.  I think I'm just letting them get exercise.  Mommy loves to take pictures of me because she thinks I'm soooooo cute!

Molly at the dog show
Here I am in Las Vegas 
at 8 months old visiting 
a dog show! 
What fun!
Me and some friends 
are on the left with 
Mommy at the dog show.
Molly and friends
My first birthday!   Here I am opening my presents!
All dressed up!
What, do the dishes?
Towels, please!
Somebody, please play ball!
Visit my sisters and brother and look at our Christmas pictures!

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