I'm a Princess!

Cinnamon wuz Mommy and Daddy's berry first ferret. She wuz a pretty chocolate ferret, and she wuz reelly little. Mommy and Daddy sed she wuz da Princess, and she ruled da whole business, eben do she wuz little. She went ta da Rainbow Bridge after a berry coplik—comlik—complicated adrenal surgery (tanks Mommy!!) Dey had ta take out her kidney, cuz da tumor wuz rapped around it, and da udder kidney wuzn’t werkin’. (Boy, dat’s lotsa hard words! I don’t know what a tumor is, but I don’t tink I like it!)

Cinnamon's nicknames were: Cinna-girl, Sweetie-Heart, Her Fuzziness, Her-Fuzziness-Lady-Fuzzy-Of-Fuzzalot, Miss Priss, an' Princess!

Her favert toy wuz her rattle ball, and her favert thing to do wuz sleep!

Wow!  All that playing's hard work!!

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