Raisins!  Must have raisins!!

Da next ferret Mommy and Daddy got wuz named Coke. He wuz a sable ferret dat Mommy got from somebuddy she werked with. Dey didnít take care of him right, so he started out reelly skinny and mean. Dey kept him locked in a cage all the time. Dey also fed him cheap cat food Ďstead of ferret food, so thatís why he wuz so skinny. He eben bit Mommy lotsa times, cuz he was so hungry! But Mommy and Daddy fixed him up, and he became a reelly fat, happy, kissy guy for a while. Den he got Insulinoma. He got reel skinny, cuz he wasnít eating much, and Mommy couldnít find anyone who knew what wuz goiní on. By da time she knew it had a name, it wuz too late ta help him, and he had ta go to da Rainbow Bridge ta wait fer Mommy and Daddy.

Cokeís nicknames were: Cokie-Guy, Guy, Sweet Guy, an' Big Guy. During the winter, he had anudder nickname, but he hated that one. During winter Mommy called him Coke, the Waddling Wonder! (hee, hee!!)

Who?!  Me?!?

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