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Bunnymom5's Rabbit Care Guide

Welcome to Bunnymom5's Rabbit Care Guide! If you have time, please fill out my short survey on this site (located in the "other" section) so I know what you think of it! I hope you enjoy your stay! Don't forget to sign the guestbook! Thanks!

Always be kind to animals,
Morning, noon, and night:
For animals have feelings too,
And furthermore, they bite.

-John Gardner

~*~*~*~ Thanks to everyone who voted for Cloudy and Magic in the Cute Bunny Contest Spring 2000; they won third place! Congratulations Cloudy and Magic! ~*~*~*~

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This site is organized into four sections: Background, Care, Behavior, and Other Stuff. On each page in the Behavior, Care, and Background sections, there are buttons on the bottom. "Next" and "Back" will take you to a random page. They are in no particular order; however, the Background, Care, and Behavior sections all mix together. Clicking "E-mail me!" will send an e-mail to

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