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In the summer of 1984, computer giant IBM released a graphical adventure game called King's Quest as a demonstration product for their new home computer, the PCjr. The game was produced by the then young and small computer game company Sierra On-Line, founded five years earlier by Ken and Roberta Williams and located in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, USA. With its 16-color graphics with fluent animation and three-channel sound, it was completely unlike any previous adventure game ever made. It would have been a huge success if not the PCjr proved to be a failure. Later on however, the Tandy 1000 and then the IBM PC, up until then only viewed as a serious business tool, made the game a bestseller. Sierra On-Line grew to become one of the most powerful and innovative companies in the computer game industry. The King's Quest game had several sequels and became the longest and best selling adventure game series ever with more than seven million copies sold all over the world. Its creator, Roberta Williams, got to be known as the "queen of adventure gaming" and repeatedly redefined the industry standards by introducing new and daring technological innovations in almost every new game she made. The King's Quest series was pioneering in the use of such features as the famous third person view, IBM PC support, digital sound cards, CD-ROM technology, live cell animation and real time 3D in adventure games.

This website is a tribute to all the people behind those games, as well as to the games themselves. It is also a document of an important chapter in computer gaming history and a source of useful, interesting and fun information for any fan of the King's Quest series or of adventure gaming in general.

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Wow! You must have thought this website was abandoned. But it most certainly isn't! I would at least have the decency to tell you if I intended to. This much-awaited update comes with some new pages and several fixes:
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Today Roberta Williams celebrates her 50'th birthday!!! And what other day could be better for another update of the website? Here is what you can now find in the Miscellaneous Stuff section:
  • A Roberta Williams Biography. Happy Birthday Roberta!
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