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The history of Sierra Entertainment 
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The history of Sierra Entertainment is a fantastic story of trememdous success, big mistakes and dramatic twists and turns, making it a legend in computer history. The humble dreams of an ordinary american couple in the late seventies turned into a multi-million dollar industry in a way that no one could ever have expected it to do. You can read about it right here. Just click on any of the five sections below:

Note: If you find errors in these pages or feel that important historical facts about the company are missing from them, please let me know! Additional information will continually be added to these pages in the future.

Part 1 - The Early Years (1979-1983)

How did it all start? Read about the founding of the company and its first five years in business.

Part 2 - The Golden Days (1984-1988)

Young, vital and redefining the industry! Read about the legendary days of tremendous growth and success for Sierra through the eighties.

Part 3 - Growth and Acquisitions (1989-1993)

Sierra keeps pushing technology to its limits and expands into other areas of interactive entertainment.

Part 4 - A New Era (1994-1998)

Turbulence in the company and the industry as computer gaming went mainstream.

Part 5 - A Change of Direction (1999-)

With a new owner, Sierra turns away from its past and takes on the future in new ways.

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