King’s Quest II: Romancing the Throne
Fun stuff

Funny messages

Here's a list of things you could try out in the game just to get funny responses:

Easter eggs

There are two easter eggs in this game that are definately worth a look. Try the follow things while playing it:

Walk two screens left of the screen where you see the island in the lake from a distance and look at trees. A sign appears to be attached to the back of one of the trees. read sign, for some blatant advertising.

If you thought that was something, think again! Outside the cave at the top of the mountains where you get the second key, there is a hole at the base of some rocks. look in hole to watch something really cool. This one is a must-see!

Interesting Bugs

There aren't many bugs to find in this game, but try pressing the arrow keys when King Graham recovers from tumbling off the golden fish onto the enchanted island near the end of the game. The programmers seem to have forgotten to turn off the ability to move the character during the animation, resulting in an amusing effect.

Other things

You can swim out into the ocean to the left of Kolyma and stay out there until you get tired of swimming and drown, but basically this is all a waste of time.

Try getting caught by the sorcerer or walk up to the shore of the poisoned lake and drink water for amusing death sequences.

Why does Count Dracula have a bedroom in one of the towers of his castle when he sleeps in his coffin in the basement anyway? I'm just asking...

Check out the people that are attending King Graham's wedding with Valanice at the end. They are key characters from both of the two first games in the series. But why would his enemies go there, what is the dolphin doing there and why are Count Dracula present, even when you've killed him earlier on in the game? Very peculiar...

The following is a list of every synonym for girl allowed in the game. You can use any of these names to refer to any female character in the game. (For example, calling grandma little red riding hood works just fine...) Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!

Someone apparently got a little over-enthusiastic when working on the synonyms! It's amazing what dark secrets you can discover if you decode the sources of a game...

Even more off-color stuff: The following description of Valanice can be found in the logic code for the quartz tower room, but there's nothing you can do to make it appear appear in the actual game:

And this game is supposed to be suitable for the whole family! ;-)

The subtitle of this game is a funny reference to the 1984 blockbuster movie Romancing the Stone, starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

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