About Our Business

Taking the Garage Sale to the information highway.

I decided to team up with my wife and start selling the items from our storage.
Since these items where used by me, I can put my personal guarantee on the
quality of these products.

Networking Solutions, whether it be hardware, software, network security, or network administration.
We offer Networking Solutions no matter how small.  Providing services to network a small business
or even your home.

We provide all the hardware and/or software you will need.  I have networked many homes,
and have over 15 years in the networking field. Ranging from the Banking Industry to Hospital

Hot Items:

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on cables. For your
networking needs.

About Us

Donations are greatly appreciated.
In an ongoing effert to provide services and low cost products to the home user and small business.

Your donations will help maintain this site to defer costs.
 Thank You.