Welcome to Amandaland!

Amandaland is a wonderful virtual amusement park built to. . .
you guessed it. . .
amuse YOU!

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Let the amusement begin!

Park Map

Here's a time warp for ya.  These are pictures from the late seventies and early eighties, when I was a little girl.

Who do I love today? is my newest feature.  Until now I have only had 3 of the boys I love featured here.  Now I will be adding a new famous hot boys periodically.

Who am I?  This is my bio.

My babies are pics of my niece and nephew, and a couple other babies.

My favorites are links to the websites I visit most frequently.

My quotes are some of my favorite quotes, some funny, some not, but I enjoy them.

Funny facts are some little known tidbits of information that are always good for a smile.