What a TORI-fic logo!

[But why is her last name buried that way??]

This web-site is The Tori Spelling Zone:  it is not The Tori Spelling Zone, nor is it The Aaron Spelling's Daughter's Zone!  It's all about Tori; included are as few references as possible to the doting, well-intentioned father who has inadvertantly fired so many torpedos into his daughter's acting career.

Lots of people believe that -- because Tori's dad is who Tori's dad is -- her whole life is just an easy breeze...

While those people may disagree, I'm of the opinion that Tori's last name has done her and her career far more harm than good. She really isn't taken as seriously as she deserves to be -- and we all know the reason why (8 letters -- starts with "n" -- rhymes with "schmepotism").

So, when I sat down and started thinking about a logo for

I knew pretty much what I wanted:  an image that highlighted her first name while understating her last name.

This -- and variations on the theme -- are what I came up with.  I hope everybody else likes it the way I like it.