I'm biting my nails....
Dying to hear

what you think about
Tori Sez:
"It's GREAT to be me!"

D'ya love it? D'ya hate it? Are you in stitches? Are you bored?

Are YOU Tori Spelling?
(If you are, will you marry me?)

Do you want to bitch at me because I use too many big IMaG es and it takes forever for the pages to load?
Do you have a Tori-type site of your own and want to trade links ?
Do you have a sister who looks like Tori?
Do you have a sister who doesn't look like Tori?

Or do you just want me to quit talking about your sister?

Whatever your motive, dispatch a missive
(that's "missive" -- with a 'v') to:

Yer Humble Tori-lovin' Web-spynner.

you're one of those pointy-headed
nit-wits... in which case, please


I'm not a psychiatrist; I can't help you.

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Text and original artwork Copyright MIM John E. Morrell. All rights reserved.