My Walt Disney World College Program Site.
This is mostly about my personal experiences working in the Mouse House; journals, people I've met, and what they put me through. It is my intent to neither bash nor praise the program, but rather to speak about it honestly.

Cast Members

A few sentences about the people that I lived and played with; there is a separate page for the people I worked with.
(This page also known "The Inane Costumes They Make You Wear").


My journal of the experience, starting from mentally preparing to have the experience, to arriving back at my house.


They give you a lot of junk throughout your time in the company. I managed to hoard some of the stuff they gave us for you to look at.

Guide to the 75th Anniversary Mickey Mice

All 75 of the company/celebrity sponsored Mickeys

Sunset Ranch Market Cast Members

for other curious onlookers that don't care about me...

So you want to work in #1 Vacation destination on the planet?

To give yourself over to the Mouse in its infamous College Program first go here and fill out the application to attend a presentation to be interviewed.
Be wary of what they say. It's not as glamorous as they make it sound...

So you've already signed on to 4-7 months in the Mousehouse?

Here this is a list of local businesses in the Disney World, and Vista Way vicinity; especially helpful if you are automotively challenged.

More importantly, this is a list of truths about Walt Disney World College Programs, including a list of what to really expect when you come out, the difference between what a Cast Member says, and what they really mean when they say it, and Disney's special lingo to make them stand out from other companies.