These are all little doodads and goodies I managed to hoard from the experience.

This is a Tell-A-Cast. They are little papers available to the Cast Member. Each park has their own Tell-A-Cast. They give important extensions, restaurant and attractions hours within the park and other areas, and guest services. Usually found at Cast Deployment System Computers.

Locations of all three apartment complexes and a few other services in the area.

Map of the Vista Way Apartment Complex. The barely visible pink areas on the map indicate my and my friends apartments; mine is on building 18, Cara's is 31, and Jeremy's (latter) apartment is 6.

This is a card that sometimes is given to Cast Members. I think I got this one when they gave me all the information about working. These Seven Guest Service Guidelines are something they really make a big deal about; They are printed in the Tell-A-Cast, written on posters backstage, and one of the questions on the written assessment.

When we picked up our paychecks on September 26th, they gave all the Cast Members this button. Some wore it, some didn't. I wore mine of Disney World's opening date, October 1st. It has Peter Pan on it because this year Peter Pan celebrated its 50th anniversary.

This is how we were informed of our breaks/position changes. One would clock into the Cast Deployment System (CDS) on the computer with their social security number. It then gives the person an assignment based on their "proficiencies" (or what the computer claims one knows how to do, or don't). They then print out 2 copies of this, give one to the assigner, and then bring the other one to the person they are breaking. Sometimes, it seems the person that is holding the paper with your name on it is never going to come.

When we checked in, we were given this. It has maps of all the parks, including backstage areas.

This is a map to the tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom. Most of the time I spent in these tunnels was right outside the Men's Locker Room, which is near the top of the map, and furthest away from Jeremy's location, Main Street

At a meeting that a few of the MGM CPs had before the program ended, they gave us these pins. They told us that the ones of Mickey as the director are not sold, either in the parks or Company D, and are Cast exclusive.

This was my official Disney nametag. I can proudly say, I never lost it (for very long), and I only had to be someone else once. This is unlike some people I know who went through, and lost about 4 nametags, most of them not his name.

This card was given to us upon completion of the food class saying we had learned all the rules and regulations. It is stamped by Bert L. Bert evidentally really liked Tinker Bell.

On our first paid day of work, they made everyone go to a class at Disney University, near the Cast Member Magic Kingdom parking lot called "Traditions." Here, we learn about the company itself, and company policies. This is the workbook they gave to us to be filled in as we went along. Evidentally, they have a special book just for CPs.

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