The tragic story of a man, a woman, a goat, and a cathedral.

Detailed analysis of all main and most secondary characters.

Links to informative sites on the rich history and inner symbolism of Notre Dame.

Links to various biographies on the author of the book, Victor Hugo.  Very important for understanding the context of the novel.

Links page to other sites (which may themselves be gateways) containing a *ton* of info on Medieval history.  If you're here for this, good luck.

Still under construction.  May someday help as a visual guide to the important events in the novel.

Created by a friend (Chris Waelchli), this little shockwave is meant to amuse and distract.  You'll love it.  Trust me.

Synopses and some analyses of various movie and theater adaptations of Notre Dame de Paris.  Should also include images someday.

Links to other HoND/NDDP sites, official or otherwise, and just any random site I happen to like offhand.

All past updates of this site.  Go here if you want to know when what was done.

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Always being updated.  Despite the fact I procrastinate.  Constantly.

This site is dedicated to the classic novel by Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris (known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the English version).  By the time I finish with this site (if I ever finish with it), it should prove as a useful guide both in reading the book and in learning about the book.  However, I shall warn you, most everything on this site is filled with spoilers.  I'll designate anything that doesn't have spoilers as "spoiler-free".


What?  You were expecting Carrol Channing?



Updated May 29, 2006

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Okay, the renovation didn't happen as planned.  I have an updated Phoebus page, but since that was over a year ago, you all probably know that.

Some would say I should just give this website up as defunct, seeing as I haven't written anything terribly important in about...four years.  Geez...a lot of years.

But I *hate* giving up on stuff.  I don't know about y'all, but the wonder that is NDDP *must* go on.  So here's the deal:  I do have some updated formats for the webpages.  The likelihood that I'll ever add new adaptation synopses is *pretty* slim (meaning that the Disney HoND will die quickly in obscurity -- of course).  And the fabulous EggShell Frollo of the Patinkin version will go unrecognized.

Who played him, again?  Richard...something.  Geez, four years...

Anyway, the info pages will stay as they are.  There's no need to rehash a Hugo bio, the Notre Dame page already gets more hits a day than any other page, and I can't possibly say everything that needs to be said in Medieval Times.

Sorry guys.

The problem that rests now is that I don't know what to update anymore.  Well, that and I HATE FRIGGIN PAGEBUILDER AARRRGH!!  But mostly I don't know what to update.  Or maybe I don't know where to start.  So with that in mind, I have now created


Meaning you can post suggestions, comments, questions, critiques, whatever you want!!

As long as it's just a comment to one of my entries.  Yahoo doesn't seem to allow community blogs like LJ.

Harris!  Richard Harris! could I forget Flagellating Frollo as portrayed by Dumbledore...




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