on the 20/2/03 P!nk won a brit award for best international female solo artist she also was the first live performance doing a rocky medely of get the party started and just like a pill.
when she recived her award her speech was :

i just told la reid my record company friend that im sick of losing "laughs" honestly 1st and foremost you guys right here thank u so much im always such an idiot wen i get up here im always tipsy or something im completley sober tonight and err i wanna say thank u to arista and bmg "hi" thank u so much thank u guys for being open mided for loving music thank u la reid i love you with all my heart creg logan ur my angel roger davies i love you lara your my angel i have so many angels s*** linda everyone thank you!1 "laughs"
P!nk's Hair is BLUE
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Motocross competition in Anehiem California on 6th Jan 03
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The Enquirer spoke with Pink's boyfriend and motocross racer Carey Hart, who admits spending time with the singer has been difficult. "We spend as much time as possible with each other, but it's a bit difficult right now. She's on the road and I'm traveling competing in motocross competitions. And to make thinks even more difficult, she lives in LA and I live in Las Vegas. But somehow we always manage to make time for each other." As for reports the two were close to marriage, he says "we don't have any immediate plans for marriage." He added, "Who knows what's going to happen in the future? We are taking it one day at a time and I don't see any end in sight."
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