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Wow! I actually got hate mail! I don't believe it! Go check my Sporebook! In entry 77 Pan-chan says my site is stupid, pointless, and poorly designed! I'm so happy! I've never gotten such serious hate mail before! All in caps too! I love you too Pan-chan. I have your entry printed out and framed on my wall. Will you marry me? We could be so happy together! Oh wait, you're only 15, that's illegal here. But you live in Canada!

Let's all go and check out Pan-chan's website at
http://animedesigns.tsx.org ok? Let's also hope that Pan-chan spells better on his?/her? own website than he?/she? does in my Sporebook.
Welcome, mortal, to Chibi Usa's Place of Evil! Celebrating the dark side of that pink little twit, Chibi Usa!
Wow! This page has had so much traffic, it actually annoyed Geocities! Special thanks to everyone who has visited this summer! Together, we can bug somebody!
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Well, if you're reeeeaaaalllyyyyy desperate to hear an explanation of this page, you love me, you want to kill me, or you're totally confused, you can email me!
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Hi! I'm the Spore! I am probably about the most twisted Sailor Moon fan you will ever meet. (Hey, I like Chibi Usa, doesn't that say it all?) You're probably wondering either why I like Chibi Usa, or why I call myself twisted because I like Chibi Usa. You're probably also wondering what a spore is as well, after all, most small plant organizms don't create webpages. That is why I created a FAQ page. Go there for some answers.
A note to everyone who has visited recently (it's March of 2004 when I'm writing this), I have not updated this page in quite a long time  due to college and other major life-altering developements. Although I still mantain a love for Sailor Moon, I have quite a lot of other interests. Rest assured, I still wear too much pink, dye my hair pink every summer, and have my collection of moony stuff. I'm just letting everyone know that this page will not be updated further. My current project is a webcomic that can be found at http://www.flashbackcomic.com
The last time I did anything with this page was September 2001. So there.
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi, the stupid English names are copyrighted by DiC, et cetera, et cetera...