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The Newest Oldest ship of the Philippine Navy.

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The most recent naval vessel transferred from the United States of America to the Philippines was commissioned to the PN on 081500H March 2004 at the Headquarters of the Philippine Navy, on Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

Launched in 1992 as the USS Cyclone, the ship was renamed the BRP Gen. Mariano Alvarez; Patrol Ship 38, in honor of one of the revolutionary generals in the Philippine war for independence against Spain. It the oldest of the 14 Cyclone class Patrol Craft built by the US. ( An interesting footnote is that the Cyclone is a modified design from Vosper Thorneycroft of England who built the first modern warships for the Philippines before WW2. The Thorneycroft company built the Philippine Commonwealth's Off-Shore Patrols 40 knot torpedo "Q" boats. These were the Coast Motor Boat (CMB) 55 foot and 65 foot designs. )

After WW2, the first vessels Philippine Navy received from the US were also Patrol Craft that were almost the same size. http://www.ww2pcsa.org/

Among these were the 173-foot PC was designed primarily for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), convoy escort duty and coastal patrol.

These were PC 1131- PS 22 Bohol; PC1133 - PS 23 Zamboanga del Sur; PC1134- PS 24 Batangas; PC1241 -PS25 Nueva Ecija; PC1563- PS 26 Negros Oriental; PC 1564- PS 27 Capiz

This information was found in an insightful book by William "Bill" Veigele on the Patrol Craft. It gives light on the service these craft that performed almost in all oceans during the war but were overlooked in history books.

"For the price of a ships' plan drawing you get a book along with it.!" The book includes a fold-out of a 15" by 20" elevation and plan views of a PC with internal and external details.

PC Patrol Craft of WW2 by William "Bill" Veigele
ISBN: 096458672X
1st Published 1998 Hard Cover $39.95
2nd Ed. Paper Back $29.95

400 pages; 12 Chapters, Appendices, 33 tables, 170 B&W photos, illustrations and drawings.
Sub Chaser (PC) Plan Drawing

Table of Contents



In an interview with the author, Dr. William "Bill" Veigele at Santa Barbara, CA last Jan. 2004, I found out that "Bill" had served on a PC as a Machinist Mate. "I kept an interest in my ship and after attending our association's 30 year reunion got me more interested to write a book," Veigele said.

I am a member of the Patrol Craft Sailors Association, and served on the board of directors at one time.

I wrote some articles in the newsletter the Association publishes twice a year. And people started sending me more stuff collected by them and other shipmates. I also found more information in the National Archives and on the internet," Veigele continued.

"I have wrote two books on Allied Patrol Craft of WW2", the first was "PC Patrol Craft of WW2". "After I had made the draft I received offers from 3 publishers. But I had to conform to what they wanted. One wanted to remove the human interest of the story and keep the technical details, while the other wanted to exclude the technical details and only feature the human interest portions. In the end I decided to publish the book myself. I had experience earlier publishing a book on golf I wrote. "Golf is Like Love" it was something that I did for fun.

2,200 copies of "PC Patrol Craft of WW2" book were printed on the first run and was featured on the "Scholars Bookshelf" . The second printing in soft cover has sold out and will by doing a 3rd printing this year.

As a follow on to the "PC", I wrote a "Seabag of Memories" in 2003. It is a compilation of stories about life on small ships. It is a great companion book to PC. I wrote two books in between, one science fiction and a western.

For my next project I would like to write a novel based on my experience on a Patrol Craft.

Other than being a Retired Naval Reservist I inquired what his title Dr. was.

"I am a Doctor in Physics. My Bachelors was in Math. I just like math. I was interested in it and I liked it!"

On new technology; "My original manuscript I wrote in longhand. Using a typewriter didn't work for me. I got to try a a word processor program on a Personal Computer and haven't gone back since. I do the layout and all the work for the books on the desktop computer.

Asked who he works with in producing his books. Bill replied, "My wife helps me out, as she runs the business side of our two person publishing company."

Astral Publishing Co.

Po.Box 3955, Santa Barbara, CA 931330-3955








http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/pc-14.htm (Nice graphics on this URL)