Forest Rain

New Spring grass grows bright and green,
The brightest green you've ever seen.
Flowers start to sprout and grow,
Soon little petals too will show.
These blooms will open big and bright,
With many colors for the morning light.
Birds will sing and bunnies will hop,
As if these days will never stop.
The meadow fawn will try to play,
With a young raccoon that is out today.
It seems these days will never end,
But you just think again my friend.
For in the sky a black cloud grows,
With lightning, thunder, and wind that blows.
Much rain will fall upon this day,
And some things will be washed away.
Dry leaves that are no longer alive,
Old seeds that did not survive.
Small twigs and dust are here no more,
Just a freshly washed, clean forest floor.
Perhaps the rain did not feel right,
When it came down with all it's might.
But now the flowers can bloom once more,
And trees are stronger than before.
Animals now can drink their fill,
From the stream rolling down the hill.
There must be rain upon her cheek,
For the forest to be at her peak.
Yes the mighty rain clouds must roll in,
So the forest can be strong and live again.