My Friend

When your lonely and feeling blue,
Talk to me, I know what your going through.
If you feel no one really cares,
Just look for me, I'll be there.
If you feel great sadness for the losses in your life,
Remember I too feel the same strife.
Your heart is tender and you are so kind,
A heart that hurts easy is the same as mine.
You love to hear music, that you don't hide,
And music I also feel deep inside.
Great love for all wildlife, from your lips I have heard,
Yes I love them too, right down to a small bird.
A gruff face you show, so no one can tell,
That your heart has already gone through hell.
While I wear a smile so no one can see,
All the hurt that is hidden deep within me.
We have the same feelings, yes you and I do,
Now we're bound by a friendship, deep feelings so true.
When ever I need you, I call out your name,
And you know that you can  do just the same..
Your friendship is special, and I know it's true,
That God really blessed me, when He sent me YOU!

Written by Poca
25 December, 1999
music: My Love2