Chant For Me

His words keep going through my head,
As I lie awake in this empty bed.
"Come and be with me, my heart is true,
I will always care for you."
I close my eyes and try to sleep,
But tears will fall as I start to weep.
The pain inside my empty chest,
Keeps me awake, I can not rest.
When morning comes, a face I wear,
So no one sees the feelings there.
I smile, and laugh, and act happy,
They think I'm fine, they can not see.
My eyes would tell them, if they'd look,
The eyes are like an open book.
For pain, and hurt, and much despair,
Are quietly just sitting there.
When will these feelings go away?
Why are they here, why do they stay?
They're here because my heart was true,
They'll stay until my time is through.
With this gaping hole left in my chest,
I pray I'll soon be laid to rest.
I hope that it will not be long,
Before he chants to me a song.

Written by Poca
music: Spirit in the Lake