I Pray For You

May the Great Spirit guide you,
From the day of your birth.
May you look at the flowers,
And know what they're worth.

May you always awake,
With a glad heart,
And know where in this world,
You have a part.

I pray that you always,
Look at this land,
And take care of her animals,
The best that you can.

May you always treat others,
As you would have them treat you,
And pass on the knowledge,
That the elders gave you.

I pray that your trials,
You will handle with ease.
May you gather great strength,
When you have conquered these.

May you accept love freely given,
And hold it in your heart,
Even when you and the giver,
Are many miles apart.

I pray you have wisdom,
And your brave heart is strong.
May you walk in the suns light,
Till I chant you a song.

When your days here are over,
May your spirit fly high.
I pray I will see you,
Amongst the stars in the sky.

Written by Poca

Music: Singing Mountian