Joy Is

Joy is sunshine on a spring morning.
Joy is a soft puppy in your lap.
Joy is the ring of the telephone.
Joy is the scent of a rose on a summer breeze.
Joy is being told you did a good job.
Joy is the sound of a cat purring.
Joy is the first sip of coffee in the morning.
Joy is finding a hummingbird nest full of eggs.
Joy is getting a Valentine from someone special
Joy is seeing a doe and her new fawn.
Joy is being called babe.
Joy is a quiet walk in the woods.
Joy is hearing your favorite song on the radio.
Joy is a fresh mowed lawn.
Joy is being in a room full of friends.
Joy is the smell of the air after a soft rain.
Joy is laughing with friends around a campfire.
Joy is the sound of waves hitting the shore.
Joy is sharing your feelings with someone you trust.
Joy is watching the northern lights.
Joy is getting a hug and kiss from someone you love.
Joy is seeing a new bird at your feeder.
Joy is a soft breeze coming through your window.
Joy is sleeping in your lovers arms.
Joy is picking the first ripe tomato.
Joy is hearing the call of a wolf pack in the night.
Joy is spending time with you.

Written by Poca
music: Joy To The World