My Pack

The sun is setting as I awake,
I stretch and look to see my mate.
She joins me now, and we start to play.
It was a long and restful day.

When darkness closes all around,
We stop and listen for any sound.
I see the moon and start to call,
She joins in and we call them all.

I tell them , hey, I'm over here,
It's time to hunt, let's hunt a deer.
Soon I hear them as they answer back.
They're coming, the rest of my pack.

They come to greet me, for I'm the boss.
They must cower, or suffer a great loss.
With greetings over, no more time for play.
We must go hunting and I lead the way.

I sniff the air and turn right here.
I'm on the trail of an injured deer.
We gather around him and he has no fear.
For he knows his time to leave grows near.

For we must eat, this he does know,
And it's time for him to lie down and go.
He gives to us so we grow strong.
We will sing to the moon his sacrifice song.

Soon my pack will grow by two or three,
As my mate and I add to our family.
All others will help to raise our pups.
My pack will be stronger when they grow up.

In our forest home our bond is strong.
The moon will hear our family song.

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