Your Mirror

Every bedroom has a mirror,
Standing by a wall.
Some are short and fat,
While others big and tall.

As you wake each morning,
And get out of your bed,
You glance into the mirror,
And see a sleepy head.

As you ready for the work day,
You glance in it once more,
Just to make sure your ready,
To finally head out the door.

When your work days over,
It's comfy clothes you seek.
As you change into them,
Into the mirror you peek.

When your day is over,
As you climb into your bed,
Once more you glance into it,
As you lay down your head.

That mirror in your bedroom,
Is only there for you.
To look at your reflection,
That's all that it will do.

But what if there was something,
Behind the mirror you see,
Something that was quietly,
Looking back at thee?

Could there be a spirit,
Hiding there for you?
With love in it's eyes,
And a warm smile too?

What if a loved one sent,
A spirit there to stay,
And smile on you with love,
All night and every day.

So when you see your mirror,
Short and fat or big and tall,
Look deep into the eyes,
For they  might not be yours at all.

Written by Poca

music: Lost In Your Eyes